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Ultra FD1000 Trays

Bulk Pack of 20 per shipping carton
610mm x 410 x 410 .10 cbm - 7kg GW

Spacer Trays
Normal tray without inside spokes - just the rim which allows an even flow of heated air through out the unit. Used to provide additional space for bulky produce and used when drying long stem Flowers

Bulk Pack of 20 per shipping carton
610mm x 410 x 410 .10 cbm - 5.8kg GW

Snackmaker & Trays

2 x Tray Pack
Bulk Pack of 7 per shipping carton.

Drying Accessories for all Ezidri models

Mesh Sheets
A flexible food grade quality mesh sheet which is ideal for drying small produce that may fall through the spokes of the tray. Makes for easier removal when drying sticky or delicate fruits like strawberries, bananas and pineapples etc.

Bulk Pack of 50 per shipping carton

Ultra FD1000: 350mm x 345 x 009 - .009 cbm - 2 kg
Snackmaker & Classic: as above - 1.35 kg

Solid Sheets
Food grade solid sheet for drying purées, roll-ups, meals, soups etc.

Ultra FD1000: 350mm x 345 x 075 .009cbm - 2.30kg
Snackmaker & Classic: as above

Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer

Suction Base
An ideal accessory for preparing bulk apples etc. either with or without the skin. Exact slice thickness for perfect even drying.

Bulk packed 18 per carton 500mm x 480 x 360 - .086cbm

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